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Wafik Nazrella

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Wafik Nazrella

Wafik Nazrella

Please note that the following content may contain swearing and sensitive material.

I recommend that you keep an open mind. If you're under 18 or have never heard a swear word or you just came out of under a rock don't look further. I have family oriented content in the sitcom and cartoon areas of the website.

I don't think the content is too bad but I just want to warn you ..... and I want to take your candy away from you.

Wafik was a personal friend of mine when I lived in Ottawa. I would like to meet him again and I sure I will.

You will learn something from his comedy.

So if you're looking for koolaid and cookies this is not the page.

If you're looking for Killer Koolaid and "special brownies" this might be the place. Bring your own munchies......

P.S. I don't do drugs but I act like I do.......Just one maaaan.....just one.

Okay now make a decision and go with it. Great comedy with a bit of swearing or koolaid?

Wafik Nazrella

Category: Stand-up Comedy

Rating: pg 18

I originally knew Wafik in Ottawa when we lived in the same neighbourhood. "The Gardens" Wafik can E-Mail me at zany1968@sympatico.ca to talk about old times.

I have seen Wafik Nazrella on television a lot in the past few months. He has a "MySpace" page that you can check out to find out more on him.


He does mostly comedy dealing with his background as an Egyptian. He swears every so often so don't say I didn't warn you.  

Wafik Nazrella is 39 years old. I am also 39 years old. That doesn't mean much except we are both the same age.

His musical interests are: Faith No More, Mushroomhead, Avenged Sevenfold, Duran Duran, Alice in Chains, Guns N Roses, Megadeth, Drillpoint, System of a Down, John Lennon, The Allman Brothers... way too many to list.

He is married and still lives in Ottawa. His company's name is JaWK Strap Productions, Ottawa, ON CA, CEO

Click here to see a great Wafik Nazrella video clip.

Wafik Nazrella

The following is information I got from an interview on www.pulpmag.net.

Dave Merheje interviewed Wafik Nasralla.

The full interview can be read at http://www.pulpmag.net/spoild/spoild06/wafiknasralla-aug06.html

Wafik says that what got him into comedy was his brother, John, who thought he was the funniest guy he knew. His brother helps him write his material.

Dave asked Wafik Wafik Nazrella if he experienced any racial tension from audiences because of his middle-eastern background. Wafik said yes and said that both times that he remembers having a problem were in western Canada. He finds that generally he is received well. He says he was treated well especially after 9/11.

Wafik's material is about his life experiences. He says he has some "hokey jokes" which get the audience cheering but he's not too proud of those jokes. He finds that the "hokey jokes" tell the audience about his personality.

Dave asked him what he thought about the "We Ain't Terrorist" show.

Wafik Nazrella said he was honoured to be part of the show, saying that it was good for comedians and the Arab community. He said that the show gave people a chance to laugh with the comedians not at the comedians. In his opinion the show was hard to sell because of events around the world. He gave props to Mark Breslin for taking such a chance. "I think any chance to show the world that just because we are of Arabic descent does not make us want to blow things up or harm our neighbours...that is a good message and one that I can stand behind."

Dave asked Wafik if he partied after his appearances.

Wafik says "Always..." saying it is the only thing that helps him and other comedians wind down after a show.

Dave asked if Wafik used the race card.

Wafik says he hasn't used the race card because a lot of the people don't know how to be around Arabs. He has experienced some "resentment". He says on stage he makes light of family and the colour of his skin. "I am the whitest Arab you'll meet."

Dave asked what Wafik hoped to get out of the "We Ain't Terrorist" show.

Wafik said he hopes that people will appreciate the show. He said he is hoping to make it a national tour and bring some exposure to new audiences and others that might not have had a chance to see any of the comedians in the show prior to the tour because of who they are.

Dave asked Wafik if the terrorism and infighting in the world is resulting in him getting any harrassment.

Wafik said he lives in Ottawa "...the white collar capital in Canada." He tours Canada only and the only time he felt he was being treated differently was when he dealt with the U.S. border crossing and the customs officials there. He says he can understand it "due to the distrust that has been built."

Dave asked Wafik "If Bin Laden was a comic would he be clean or dirty?"

Wafik liked the question but wasn't sure how to answer it. "I think if he was smart he would be the smae comedian as the guy he is in life and then he would come across as clean to some and dirty to others."

When Dave asked Wafik his nationality Wafik answer "I am a pure blooded Egyptian."

Get more info on Wafik Nasralla: http://www.myspace.com/wafiknasralla

(Interview information from www.pulpmag.net)

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