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Sarah Silverman

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Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Category: Stand-up Comedy

Zane's Rating: R (Adult humour--not for people under 20

Zane's Warning: Very Explicit Language and material--possibly pictures which could give a good or bad impression of what a body part might, should, could look like. If you're under 18 don't view this page.

If you haven't had any then this page won't help you with that. Study your school stuff. Study good hygiene....you know comb your hair, bathe, brush......You'll find a guy or girl to hang out with. This page and the links from it deal with stuff that people in long-term relationships.......1 month onward can understand.

This humour is not for everyone but it is funny. If you're under 18 you won't even get the jokes. Trust me sex, and jokes about sex will always be around so if you're under 18 wait for it. It might even be better then.

I don't know how else to warn you. I am able to track who's on a page and for how long.....for business purposes. It's part of the hosting service. I won't be mad if you got here by mistake and then clicked to another page....just make it quick.

Sarah Silverman

Okay so for the people who are allowed to be here:

She's married to Jimmy Kimmel (Canadian comedian with a talk show).  

She does sex humour.  

She is very cute. She uses creative insults. 

My favourite bit includes the following :"Don't piss in my pool".....she's not talking about a swimming pool.

Birth Name: Sarah Kate Silverman

Born: Deceber 1, 1970 (as of March 25, 2008 she is 37 years old), Bedford, New Hampshire, United States

What She Does: She is a Stand Up Comedian--(Television)

Years Active: 1993 to present

Subjects: American culture, bigotry, racism, sexism Sarah Kate Silverman (born December 1, 1970) is an American comedian, writer, and actor. Although usually credited as Sarah Silverman, she is sometimes credited by her nickname Big S.[1] Her satirical comedy addresses social taboos and controversial topics such as racism, sexism and religion.

She often performs her act as a caricature of a Jewish-American princess, mocking bigotry and stereotypes of ethnic groups and religious denominations, by endorsing them ironically.[2][3][4] Silverman was first noticed as a writer and occasional performer on Saturday Night Live. She now stars in and produces The Sarah Silverman Program, which debuted February 1, 2007, on Comedy Central.



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Sarah Silverman


Early Life

Silverman, the youngest of four daughters, was born in Bedford, New Hampshire. Her mother Beth Ann Silverman was George McGovern's personal campaign photographer and founded the theater company New Thalian Players. Her father Donald Silverman was a social worker by training who ran the discount clothing store Crazy Sophie's Outlet. Her family is Jewish, the descendants of immigrants from Russia and Poland. Sarah appeared in community theater at age twelve. Her high school was The Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire. At seventeen she performed stand-up comedy in a restaurant, singing a song she called "Mammaries." She then attended New York University and continued her stand-up in Greenwich Village. Career

Silverman first received national attention in the 1993–94 season of Saturday Night Live, as a writer and featured player. She was fired after one season because only one of the sketches she wrote survived to dress rehearsal, and none aired. Bob Odenkirk, a former SNL writer explained, "I could see how it wouldn't work at SNL because she's got her own voice, she's very much Sarah Silverman all the time. She can play a character but she doesn't disappear into the character -- she makes the character her."[6] Silverman claims being fired by SNL via fax upset her greatly. She parodied the situation when she appeared on The Larry Sanders Show episode "The New Writer" (1996), playing Sanders' new staff writer, whose jokes are not used because of the chauvinism and bias of the male chief comedy writer, who favors the jokes of his male co-writers. She had a recurring role on Larry Sanders for its last two seasons.

Sarah Silverman

Early Life continued

Silverman was a featured performer on the HBO sketch comedy show Mr. Show (1995-97). She made TV program guest appearances on Seinfeld, in the episode "The Money" (1997); on Star Trek: Voyager, in the two-part time travel episode "Future's End" (1996); on Greg the Bunny as a series regular (2002); and on the salacious puppet television comedy Crank Yankers, as the voice of Hadassah Guberman (2003, 2007). She had small parts in the films There's Something About Mary, Say It Isn't So, School of Rock, The Way of the Gun, Overnight Delivery, Screwed, Heartbreakers, Evolution, School for Scoundrels and Rent, playing a mixture of comic and serious roles. Her stand-up comedy act, a one-woman show, was released in 2005 as a feature film, Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic. As part of the film's publicity campaign, she made several high profile appearances, including online in Slate, as the cover subject of Heeb magazine, and performing in roasts on Comedy Central of Pamela Anderson and Hugh Hefner. In 2005, Silverman played a therapist in a skit for a bonus DVD of the album Lullabies to Paralyze by the band Queens of the Stone Age.

She was a guest star in a second season episode of the USA cable program Monk, playing an obsessed fan of a fictional television detective, thus creating a meta-joke about the show. She returned in the sixth season premiere. According to the audio commentary on the Clerks II DVD, director Kevin Smith offered her the role that eventually went to Rosario Dawson, but she turned it down out of fear of being typecast in "girlfriend roles." However, she told Smith the role was "really funny" and mentioned that if the role of Randal Graves was being offered to her she "would do it in a heartbeat".

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Silverman parodied sketches from Chappelle's Show, replaying Dave Chappelle's characterizations of Rick James and "Tyrone", as well as a Donnell Rawlings character based on the classic miniseries Roots. The parody addressed a popular rumor that Silverman was the planned replacement for Chappelle after he left his popular television show.

In 2006 Silverman placed #50 on Maxim Hot 100 List. In 2007 she placed #29 and appeared on the cover. She made the cover of the The Observer in Britain, with an article naming her "the world's hottest, most controversial comedian."

On June 3, 2007, Silverman hosted the MTV Movie Awards. During her opening act, she commented on the upcoming jail sentence of Paris Hilton, who was in the audience: "In a couple of days, Paris Hilton is going to jail... As a matter of fact, I heard that to make her feel more comfortable in prison, the guards are going to paint the bars to look like penises. I think it is wrong, too. I just worry she is going to break her teeth on those things." Then on September 9, 2007, Silverman appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards. Following the comeback performance of Britney Spears, Silverman mocked her on stage, saying "Wow, she is amazing. I mean, she is 25 years old, and she has already accomplished everything she's going to accomplish in her life. It's mind-blowing." She called Spears's children "the most adorable mistakes you will ever see" and imitated Spears's vagina with her mouth.

Sarah Silverman

On The Howard Stern Show in October 2007, Silverman volunteered to smell writer Richard Christy's scrotum after he had not showered in four days. Silverman attempted to match her description of the smell with other members of the Stern show staff. Silverman gagged a few times before describing the smell, "It was a hint of raw sourdough dough in a vat of mayonnaise that was in a trunk of, like, a 70's car for the summer".

On her boyfriend's show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on January 31, 2008, Silverman appeared to show him a special video she had made in honor of the show's fifth anniversary. The video turned out to be a song called "I'm Fucking Matt Damon", in which she and Damon, a frequent target of Kimmel's jokes, sang a duet about having an affair behind Kimmel's back. The video reportedly created an "instant YouTube sensation".[17] Kimmel exacted his video revenge on February 24 by enlisting a panoply of stars to record his song "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck". Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

Silverman's concert film, Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic based on her one-woman show of the same name, was released in 2005. Liam Lynch directed the movie, distributed by Roadside Attractions.

Rotten Tomatoes gave Jesus Is Magic a "fresh" rating of 64 percent with 54 positive reviews and 30 negative ones, with the "cream of the crop" giving it a rating of 67 percent.[19] It made $124,475 on its opening weekend, showing on seven screens. The box office performance led to an expanded release in as many as 57 theaters, resulting in a box office take of more than $1.3 million.[20]

The movie was released on DVD on June 6, 2006. The soundtrack featured songs and standup from the movie, and previously unreleased songs.

The Sarah Silverman Program

Silverman's television sitcom, The Sarah Silverman Program, debuted on Comedy Central on February 1, 2007. The show proved to be a ratings success, scoring the highest premiere ratings that a Comedy Central show had in three years, with 1.81 million viewers and the highest 18–49 rating of the night on cable. It portrays the day-to-day adventures of an oblivious "Sarah", her sister and friends. A number of comedic actors from Mr. Show have reappeared on The Sarah Silverman Program.

Sarah Silverman


Sarah Silverman with Jesus Dress Up magnets, April 28, 2006. Silverman caused a brief controversy after using the ethnic slur "chink" in an interview on the July 11, 2001, episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. In the interview, Silverman explained that a friend had advised her on how to avoid jury duty by writing a racial slur on the selection form, "something inappropriate, like 'I hate chinks'." However, Silverman said that she ultimately decided that she did not want to be thought of as a racist, so she said, "I wrote 'I love chinks' – and who doesn't?" Silverman said that the joke satirizes the racist thought process. Guy Aoki, of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA), objected to her use of the slur, saying that NBC's airing of it was inexcusable. NBC and O'Brien issued an apology, but Silverman did not, later appearing on Politically Incorrect on July 26, and August 22, 2001. On the July episode, actor Kelly Hu stated that she understood the point of the joke, and did not object to it. Silverman questioned Aoki's sincerity, accusing him of exploiting the opportunity for publicity. On the August episode, Aoki appeared with Silverman, and stated that he did not accept Silverman's explanation, saying that it was not successful satire, that she should have substituted "chink" with "Chinese person", and that comedians should consult with groups such as his before performing such material. Silverman stated in an interview on NPR's Fresh Air that she was asked to repeat the joke on Politically Incorrect, among other places, but she eventually dropped the joke from her act because she felt it was becoming stale.[21] Silverman has since turned the complaint into grist for her stand-up act, saying that the experience helped teach her the important lesson that racism is bad: "And I mean bad, like in that black way."

Sarah Silverman

Personal Life

Silverman talked about having dated Dave Attell on one of her appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Silverman and Colin Quinn joke about having been romantically linked during her Saturday Night Live career. In her first appearance on the Stern show in June 2001, she said she was dating someone named Tom who wrote for SNL.

Since 2002, Silverman has been in a relationship with Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live![25] She refers to the relationship in some of her comedy:

“I'm Jewish, but I wear this Saint Christopher medal sometimes; my boyfriend is Catholic -- but you know... it was cute the way he gave it to me. He said if it doesn't burn a hole through my skin it will protect me.”Silverman is a fan of Jenny Lewis and appeared in one of Lewis' music videos. She is also a fan of comedian Steve Martin, who was one of her major inspirations as a younger comedian.Silverman has said that she does not consume alcohol, because it nauseates her. She is open about her lifelong battle with clinical depression, crediting her current emotional health to her use of prescription drug Zoloft. She struggled with bedwetting when she was a teenager, and has said the last time she wet her bed was when she was fired from Saturday Night Live.

Silverman says she does not want to get married until same-sex couples are able to. She also says she doesn't want to have biological children to avoid the chance that they might inherit her depression.

She enjoys playing Scrabble on the Internet. One of her regular opponents is Alyssa Milano, who lives in the same building.

She credited comedian Tig Notaro as one of her best friends in an interview in The Advocate.

Fellow Sarah Silverman Program actor Laura Silverman is her sister, both fictionally and in real life.



Who's the Caboose? (1997) Overnight Delivery (1998) Bulworth (1998) There's Something About Mary (1998) The Bachelor (1999) What Planet Are You From? (2000) Screwed (2000) The Way of the Gun (2000) Black Days (2001) Say It Isn't So (2001) Heartbreakers (2001) Evolution (2001) Run Ronnie Run (2002) School of Rock (2003) Hair High (2004) (voice) The Aristocrats (2005) (documentary) Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic (2005) Rent (2005) I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006) School for Scoundrels (2006) Fired! (2007) (documentary) Certifiably Jonathan (2007) (documentary) Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Short Subjects:

Strippers Pole (2002) Nobody's Perfect (2004) Supermarket (2004) Give The Jew Girl Toys (satirical music video)

Television Work

Saturday Night Live (cast member from 1993–1994)Mr. Show (Featured performer 1995) The Larry Sanders Show (1994-1996) Star Trek Voyager (1996) (Two episode arc, "Future's End") Seinfeld (1997) ("The Money") Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (1998) (voice as herself in the episode "Alderman") Smog (1999) (unsold pilot) Late Last Night (1999) Futurama (2000, "The Cryonic Woman") Super Nerds (2000) (unsold pilot) Rocky Times (2000) (unsold pilot) Greg the Bunny (2002–2004)Crank Yankers (2002— ) (voice)Frasier (2003) (Jane in "Maris Returns") Pilot Season (2004) (miniseries) Entourage (herself, 2004) Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2004, "Robositter" [credited as "Big S"]) Drawn Together (2004, "The Other Cousin" Episode 1.5) Monk (two appearances, 2004 and 2007) American Dad! (2005), "Stan Knows Best" (voice) Tom Goes to the Mayor (2005, Episode 11 "Pipe Camp") Celebrity Poker Showdown (2003- 2 times entry) The Andy Milonakis Show, herself (2007) The Sarah Silverman Program (2007— )


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