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MXC Not a bunch of gladiators but funny as heck....hell.....I mean heck.....


Category: Reality, Humour, Comedy, Sport

Rating: Very Adult Humour

This an American Gladiator Type game show with mostly Japanese contestants. English is dubbed over the original audio and the translation is fictional in English for a comedic effect.  

You can watch just to laugh at the funny ways people go through obstacle courses or you can listen in for funny comments made by the contestants and the "judges" etc....

Stars: Victor Wilson, Christopher Darga, John Cervenka, Mary Scheer

Opening Theme: Firebrand by Bumblefoot

Number of Episodes: 81

Original Channel: Spike

Original Run: April 13, 2003 to Present


MXC is an American comedy television program that airs on Spike. It is a redubbing of the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle, which aired from 1986 to 1989.

For the first two seasons, MXC was an initialism for the show's former title: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. Early commercials in 2003 promoted the show as just Most Extreme Elimination with the initials MXE.

The last new episode premiered in February 2007, and no word has been made at this time whether any more new episodes will be produced. 

MXC History

On April 13, 2003, Spike (then called "The Nashville Network" or "The New TNN") began airing a comedy-oriented dub of Takeshi's Castle called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. This version features voice-actors from the Groundlings comedy troupe, dubbing over both regular characters and participants; no serious effort is made to lip-synch, though at least some effort is taken to match the dub to gestures and other subtle body movements.

MXC Show Format

MXC is a "game show," hosted by Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship, in which two or three teams of contestants compete in several turn-based and head-to-head challenges. While some matchups, such as Democrats vs. Republicans vs. Third Party, have a real life meaning, most of them, such as Inventors vs. Ex-Child Actors, and Malcontents vs. baked goods do not. The contestants compete in a variety of challenges, usually four, but occasionally as many as six. The challenges are extremely hard (MXC's tagline is "the World's Most Toughest Competition in Town"), and a majority of the contestants fail them. Failed attempts which look especially painful or ridiculous are highlighted via the "MXC Impact Replay." Contestants who do complete a challenge earn one or two points for their respective team. The team with the most points at the end of the program wins the competition. At the end of each show, Kenny counts down the ten most "Painful Eliminations of the Day," which usually focus on the action from the show itself (especially from the Impact Replays) but sometimes include highlights from the various goings-on around the competition (some of them involving reporter Guy LeDouche, or even the hosts themselves).



While the basic premise of MXC is that of a legitimate game show, it is actually more of a comedy program. Much of the dialogue is unrelated to the original competition itself and is instead based on pop culture, mocking various celebrities, athletes, sports announcers, and politicians. Contestants are given names and occupations based on their team and physical appearance. MXC completely replaces all of the original audio from Takeshi's Castle, including adding a background of cheering audiences, voicing any incidental characters, and adding any sound effects required for the scene. In addition, the various challenges are all given humorous names, such as "Sinkers & Floaters" or "Wall Bangers." The footage for a single episode of MXC can come from more than one episode of Takeshi's Castle, and occasionally the same footage, including challenges, will be used in multiple episodes with different dialogue. Unlike international editions of Takeshi's Castle, the original text that appeared on screen is left as is mostly uncovered, and sometimes the characters will play off of it.

Special US Episode

On April 22, 2004, Spike TV aired a special edition of the show to start the third season, featuring skateboarder Tony Hawk and snowboarder Tara Dakides. The special was taped at the Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida using students from nearby colleges and appropriately dubbed MXC Almost Live. The special edition is not based on the original Takeshi's Castle footage but only has some added in for Vic, Ken, the Captain and Guy LeDouche. Actors were hired to play those who would replace the roles of the latter two, named "Major Babe" (Michelle Sorrell) and "Gip LeDouche" (Eric Esteban). While everyone in the episode is American, everything said by any contestants besides Hawk and Dakides is still dubbed. This episode also featured an appearance by Japanese punk band Peelander-Z, who performed the song "S.T.E.A.K." !!


Most of the characters and contestants on MXC are voiced by the producers and series' writers: Victor Wilson, Christopher Darga, John Cervenka, and Mary Scheer.

Click here for a great MXC video clip.


Main Characters

Vic Romano (named after a character from the Miami Vice episode "Streetwise" who was played by Bill Paxton) is the co-host and play-by-play commentator. He is level-headed, has a dark past of alcohol abuse, failed marriages, various addictions and generally treats MXC as a serious competition. Vic was once also a professional baseball player who became addicted to "everything", including every type of drug, alcohol, and easy women. He once was an airline pilot during his stint of alcohol abuse, but states, "Luckily, nobody noticed". Notable catch phrases include "Right you are Ken", "Indeed!", and "Good to know." He is played by the well-known Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano and voiced by Victor Wilson.

Kenny Blankenship is the other co-host and color commentator. Blankenship is a light-hearted high-school dropout whose uncle owns the network. He thinks mostly about "chicks, pizza and beer." He is played by comedian Sonemanma Higashi and voiced by Christopher Darga.

Captain Tenneal, whose name comes from the 1970s musical act Captain & Tennille, is the field marshal who conducts the contestants through each challenge with a sharp "Get it on!"

Near the beginning of each MXC episode, he is seen addressing the contestants as a group, asking whether some broad assertion relating to one of the topics in the episode is true. After the contestants raise their hands to show agreement, the Captain declares "You're wrong!", because he is the Captain. After further explanation and give-and-take with individual contestants, he bellows "Let's go!" and leads the contestants forward to begin playing the games. Captain Tenneal is played by Hayato Tani and voiced by John Cervenka.

Guy LeDouche is the field reporter. He is portrayed wearing a pith helmet, and his personality is that of a creepy French guy who hits on every contestant he interviews (both male and female). He has other family member interviewers who show the same behavior, such as "Lyndon" (which plays off wacky political figure Lyndon LaRouche), "Geek", "Giddy", "Gip," "Goon", and "Gawp", along with females named "Gay", "Grandma", "Gab", "Gin" , "Gidget" and "Gal". Guy is played by Shingo Yanagisawa and the family is voiced by John Cervenka (male) and Mary Scheer (female).


Recurring Characters

The following are characters who have established a semi-consistent name. However, their names may change to fit in with a show's theme or style of game.

Danny Glans (a play on words of long-time Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans) is an MXC staffer who works in many of the games. His primary responsibilities include asking questions in Finger It (later renamed "Hand Job"), knocking down contestants in Brass Balls, and launching the soccer balls in Dirty Balls. Also known as Jimmy Junk, Golden Shower Boy, and Barry Sosa. Played onscreen by J-Pop star Michiru Jo, he is notably skinny, and his physical unimpressiveness is often played for laughs, and emphasized by his voicer who adopts a nasal, nerdy tone. Skanky is a sixteen-foot monster who punishes contestants that fail to complete the Wallbangers game.

Chief Otto Parts (a parody of the Chief Auto Parts auto supply store chain) is a Native American who taunts the contestants in Rotating Surfboard of Death.

Em on Em (a spoof of rapper Eminem) are apparently-gay twins dressed in rainbow ponchos and bowler hats. Main games include Tumbling Dominos of Doom and Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Also known as Babe and Ruth and Bud and Pud. They are played by identical twins Shoji and Shoichi Kinoshita.

The Babaganoosh Family is a family of contestants from the Middle East who appear in nearly every episode.

The Brown Spider taunts contestants in various games, including Wall Buggers and Dash to Death. Usually played by Brad Lesley. Herbie the Steaming Pile is a strange, brown creature who taunts and sprays fallen contestants with steam in Buck Off!


Though uncredited, Jamie Alcroft was the announcer for the first four episodes of MXC before Cervenka took over that role. Challenges

The challenges in MXC derive directly from the challenges in Takeshi's Castle, each renamed for humorous purpose, frequently using double entendre or other puns. While each game has its own goal, the general rule for most is to avoid falling into the surrounding mud or murky water, renamed "safety fluid" or "Septic Sludge" for the show, and identified as any number of repulsive substances,usually related to the episode's contestants (i.e: foamy bucket swash from the Cutman's Corner in the Pro-Wrestling episode) often provided by the fictional "Hot Carl". (NOTE: Some of the games have more than one title; all the titles are shown here as a reference.)

A Mazing Grace: All contestants must get through a giant maze. The team with the most contestants through wins.

Athlete's Feet: Contestants have to find a pair of matching shoes and get across a giant 375 degree baking sheet. The team with the most contestants through in the alloted time wins. Backyard Bocce Ball Bloodbath: Numerous golden balls are hidden in a garden. The team who finds the most balls wins.

Ball Busters: The object of the game is to try to get down the first base line with out getting beaned by Donny 'Big Hands' Johnson. Contestants are placed in giant baseball suits and have to walk across a narrow lane while avoiding three giant baseballs tossed by an MXC staffer.

Bird Droppings: Caw! Caw! Caca! Contestants wear bird outfits and are flown in the air with a zipline. They must grab a pink rabbit with their feet and drop it into a bird's nest, all while avoiding the soccer balls being shot at them.


Boulder Dash: Based on the Sweedish Avalance game "Flatternoogin", the object is to run up the long chute and pass several stones without getting painfully eliminated. Contestants must run through a long chute and reach the top while avoiding the large boulders that roll down the chute.

There are numerous slits for the contestants to hide in, but guards will push them out. They are allowed to keep moving until they are knocked down by a boulder.

Brass Balls: Now the object of the game is for contestants to grab a golden ball and get across the rickety bridge without getting you or your balls shot off by our trained assassins.

Contestants must carry a golden soccer ball across a narrow bridge. At the same time, the guards will attempt to knock you off with their soccer balls.

Buck Off!: Stay on the bucking horntoad and shoot down the bloodsucking hairless pink bat. Contestants get on a rodeo toad and must shoot down a pink bat.

Bunk Buddies/Roulective Surgery/Cruelette - Each contestant grabs a colored chip, if your color comes up you're on the bottom. -- Danny Glans S1E04

Bust-a-Nut: Contestants put on a giant nut suit and must hop across a twisty path with their legs tied up. Character Assassination/Battlefeltch Earth Cheeze Squeezers/Cut the Cheese

Chum in the Mouth: Contestants ride a foam board down a conveyor belt, and must duck or jump foam "sharks" to avoid being tossed into the water.

Circle Jerkers: Contestants pick a small colored ball from a mystery box, and wrestle sumo-style against the MXC staffer whose uniform corresponds to their ball color. The Blue Veiner, The Purple Package, The Blood Blister, and Golden Shower Boy (Danny Glans) are a few of the possible opponents. Clear Sphere of Fear - You must navigate your way through the maze while avoiding the Skulls of Doom in the hermetically sealed capsule before the oxygen runs out. -- Vic Romano

Corn Holders

Crate Escape, The Crossing the Poo-tomac/Crossing the Pee-O Grande

The Dash to Death - The object of this challenge is to get across the obstacle course of challenges without getting dashed to death. -- Vic Romano

Dead End Zone - Similar to football, the contestants attempt to run into the endzone without being tackled.

Dead Letter Zone

Dead Men Walking

Door Jam or Door Jammed (a/k/a Legal Maze - Find a loophole in the system and get out on a technicality, but make a wrong turn and you're sent up the river. -- Vic Romano -- S1E04; a/k/a In & Outhouse)

Door Slammers/Great Holes of Glory - Contestants must find the correct opening and pop through it, hopefully without much residual tearing. -- Vic Romano; Wrong door and you may get a mouthful of mud! -- Kenny Blankenship

Dope on a Rope - The object is to grab the rope and swing from point A to point B without landing in mystery sludge C. -- Vic Romano

Dirty Muddy Balls/Mudballs/Dry Balls/Highballers/Catch Hell - Trash through the sludge, snatch the orb in the air, and keep your balls sparkly clean. -- Vic Romano

Eat Shiitake - This game is based on one by Hobbits which combines the light-hearted frivolity of fungus flying with the horror of drowning. -- Vic Romano. Contestants grab hold of a giant foam mushroom (with or without the aid of a rope) which is attached to a rope pulley over water. Contestants must maintain hold of the mushroom while being spun and pulled over the water, and finally land on a target, without falling into the water.

Elimination Idol - Contestants try to impress two judges in this parody of American Idol by singing rather disturbing songs. Endangering Species

Finger It - See Hand Job.

Foul Balls/Spit Balls

Frigid Slope of Icy Death

Gang Plankers/Swamp Gassers

Get a Piece - This is the game where our contestants try to reassemble the original animated cells from the beloved family classic Jungle Book Fever. -- Vic Romano

Get Hard - The competition is gonna get a lot stiffer, why? Because our automotive and dairy teamers must crawl through 18 million cubic feet of quick drying cement and get to the other side before they get hard. -- Vic Romano -- S1E03

Great Escape from Foster Care Hand Job/Wet Spot - The first player to smack the right answer wins the round for their team. -- Vic Romano -- S1E04.

Contestants are dressed in giant foam hands and placed in a square with numbers on the ground. A question is asked by the announcers; contestants must be the first to fall on the right answer.

Impassable Stones of Mount McKidney - The object is to get up the hill and squeeze by me and my asteroids while we pelt you with giant stones. -- Commander Penetrant

Intestinal Fortitude

Irritable Bowl Syndrome (a/k/a Hot Steaming Bowl of Love) - Stay in the bowl, slide down the slope without getting flushed. -- Vic Romano. Contestants are placed in a giant bowl and pushed down a steep water slide. Contestants must stay upright in the bowl the entire way, from the first push to when they land in the pool.

Log Drop - Contestants must scamper across the spinning timbers without getting dumped.; The premise of Log Drop is simple: stay dry good, get wet bad. -- Vic Romano (a/k/a Congressional Log Jam). A series of giant spinning logs are placed over a body of water; contestants must jump from one side of the logs to the other without falling off. This game produces some of the most painful eliminations in the series.

Jerk and Release (a/k/a Porking The Barrel)

Le Tour de Grand Prix (Or as Kenny Blankenship calls it "The Tower of Grand Pricks")

Little Man in the Boat - Climb on top, go for a little ride, but don't stop in time and you'll deal with this guy. -- Vic Romano.

Contestants crawl onto a foam surfboard and push themselves down a series of rollers. At the end of the rollers is a small section (about 3 feet) marked "GOAL"; if they stop in this section, they win. If they stop before this section, they are pushed off the surfboard into the water surrounding the rollers; if they do not stop in time, they fall off the rollers into the water.

Loogie Launch

Mine Games

Mud Butlers - In this event each player must tap an inflated goat bladder with a meat mallet, and then run down the steps of doom and attempt to catch the swollen orb before it lands in the bog of mystery mud. -- Vic Romano

Muddy Runs

Nut Baggers (or as many fans like to call it, Salty Nut Sackers) Palm It - See Hand Job

Pie in the Sky

Plank Spankers

Pole Riders - Now the object of the game is easy. Just firmly grip the head of the shaft and go from one end to the other without getting wet. -- Vic Romano

Prison Break/Get Over It/Wall of Hidden Blistering Death/Hosin' The Ho's/Slippery Slope of Slanted Death - The team that gets the most members over the wall and down the slippery slope of death and into our soothing safety sludge is the winner. -- Vic Romano

Rotating Surfboard of Death - Catch a wave, dodge the dolphin, or die. -- Vic Romano (a/k/a Rotating Surfboard of Political Suicide)

Rump Bumpers

Runaway Stump - Players must keep their balance while riding the log without falling into the mystery sludge -- Vic Romano Sack Lunch/Bagel Bumpers

Saddle Sores - Contestants participate in a horse race. Everyone who falls down is "humanely destroyed". Shaft Grabbers (renamed Mounting the Spike in the Spike TV premiere special)

Sinkers & Floaters - Contestants must skip across the slippery stones without swallowing a mouthful of sludge. -- Vic Romano. Contestants run across a pit of sludge on stones, some of which are secured-and thus stable-and some of which are simply floating (a/k/a Rock The Moat)

Skid Markers

Slipped Disks of Doom

Sno Man's Land

Sorry, Wrong Number/One and One Make Number Two

Spare Me/Pinheads

Sperm Wheelers: Contestants bicycle along a narrow, winding path in a whale-shaped bike, and must avoid falling off the path or getting knocked down by objects thrown at them.

Sprayed and Neutered

Staff Infectors

Survivor: Seaman Island

Swish Bucklers - The game is taken from an old pirate drinking game popular among alternate lifestyle pirates. -- Vic Romano -- S1E03 A/K/A The Giant G-String of Doom/Hook Line and Swingers/Drop Dead Line.

Take a Leek

Teetering Temple of Crippling Doom/Tumbling Dominoes of Doom/Nerve Racketeering Slabs of Death - Don't get caught between the two-ton tiles or you'll get crushed and suffer permanent and irreversible death. -- Vic Romano

Turtle Gut Check/Turtle Hurdlers

Wall Bangers/Frozen Wallbangers - Choose the right door and you're on the road to victory, but choose the wrong one, and you belong to Skanky! -- Vic Romano

Wall Buggers/The Sticky Stuff Of Love/Window Pain/The Flailing Wall - One wall, one insect, they bugger it! -- Vic Romano (Wall Buggers); Contestants swing across the moat and press themselves firmly against the glass. -- Vic Romano. Like a bug on a windshield! -- Kenny Blankenship (Window Pain)

Yank My Dinghy - Get dragged through the sewage soaked waters of Elimination Bay, through a series of deadly obstacles, and onto the Platform of Pleasure. -- Vic Romano S1E10 (also in the Animation Premiere and Spike TV hour-long specials) Yankin' It/Yank 'Em


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