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King of Queens

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King of Queens

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King of Queens

Category: Sitcom

Producers: David Litt and Michael J. Weithorn

Stars: Kevin James (stand-up comedian), Leah Remini (also seen on Saved By the Bell), Jerry Stiller (also seen on Seinfeld), Victor Williams, Patton Oswalt, Gary Valentine

Number of Seasons: 9

Number of Episodes: 207

Original Channel: CBS

Original Run: September 21, 1998 to May 14, 2007

The King of Queens is an Emmy nominated, American comedy series that ran for nine seasons, from 1998 - 2007. The show was produced by Hanley Productions and CBS Productions and filmed at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, USA. 

Plot Summary

Blue-collar couple Doug and Carrie Heffernan (Kevin James and Leah Remini) share their home in Rego Park, Queens, New York with Carrie's oddball dad, Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller). Doug, who makes a living as a parcel deliveryman with the fictional IPS (pun to UPS) often has to scheme to find time alone with Carrie, who works as a secretary for a law office. This is complicated by Arthur, who can be quite a handful — so much so that they hired a dog-walker, Holly (Nicole Sullivan), to look after him. When he is not working, clashing with Arthur, or nesting with Carrie, Doug hangs with his advice-giving buddies Deacon Palmer (Victor Williams), Spence Olchin (Patton Oswalt), Richie Iannucci (Larry Romano) and his cousin Danny Heffernan (Gary Valentine). Many of the plot lines of the show satirize conventional, "wholesome", and/or generic sitcom and family show plot clichés and devices. For example, Doug and Carrie (unlike typical sitcom or family show couples), are, together, good natured, but typically very shifty and petty, acting much like the stereotypical New Yorker. Attempts to do good deeds (such as donating to charities or helping a person find a job), reconcile or apologize, or do something beneficial for themselves (such as selling a house, or investing in the stock market) often end up going completely wrong, and bad often humorously goes to worse, often leaving the characters in a stagnant position by the end of the episode. Unlike the traditional sit-com formula, the central conflict of many episodes is left unresolved at the end. The ending scene of most episodes is a very short joke that often is only tangentially related to the main story line. Award Nominations

Emmy Awards:

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Kevin James (2006)

Image Awards:

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Victor Williams (2007)

People's Choice Awards:

Favorite TV Comedy (2007)

Favorite TV Comedy (2008)

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Doug Heffernan (played by Kevin James): Doug is best known for his goofy words, immature mannerisms, and screaming. Doug's parents paid for him to go to college, but he never went. If he isn't delivering parcels, he's with his buddies, watching sports television, or bickering with his wife who is always telling him what to do. The main reason Carrie and Doug are a squabbly couple is due to Carrie's giving Doug orders, then Doug disobeying those orders behind her back and being dishonest about it. Carrie often finds out about his dishonesty. This ends up in them having an argument in which Doug is often called names about his being overweight and Carrie is accused of being mean and screamed at by Doug. Doug's disobedience in eating fatty foods after Carrie has told him not to is another common reason why the two have some disagreements.

Carrie Heffernan (played by Leah Remini): Doug's beautiful wife. Carrie dropped out of college, but is a hard-working paralegal. Carrie loves fancy footwear and dresses, enjoys shopping for them, and owns way too many of them. Carrie's best friend is Deacon's wife, Kelly Palmer. She's not crazy about any of Doug's friends, but is closest with Deacon out of all of them. She often acts as wrongly and unscrupulously as Doug. Carrie can be overly bossy and smart-mouthed at times. She's even been judged by Holly and Doug as being scary when she gets upset, and, during a flashback, finds that she is usually happier (she describes herself as never being truly happy) when others are miserable.

Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, and Kevin James in a scene from The King of Queens.

Arthur Spooner (played by Jerry Stiller): Arthur, Carrie's widowed father, is the classic oddball of the family. He lives in the basement of the Heffernan house because he accidentally set fire to his own home in the pilot episode. Arthur is mostly known for his incoherent irascible outbursts. He tells a lot of questionable stories of what he claims he's been through in his past. Arthur's usually seen causing regular chaos and getting on someone's bad side with his antics, craziness, and obnoxious behaviors. Carrie and Doug sometimes have trouble being romantic or just spending time together because of Arthur's getting in the way. What with all of his bad behavior, Arthur still has a way with making Doug and Carrie feel guilty about something in the end. Arthur also tries to cause trouble with, and pick on Doug's friends. He's able to and often does towards Spence, but he is not as successful when he tries it towards Deacon, who often refers to him as, "the old man." Deacon Palmer (played by Victor Williams): As Doug's best friend, Deacon is the classic "family man". Deacon and his wife Kelly have two sons, named Major and Kirby. He's often seen hanging out with Doug, whether it's at their lunch break, over the weekend, or for a family gathering. Although he is often experiencing relationship problems, Deacon always has time to chill out and have fun.

Spence Olchin (played by Patton Oswalt): Spence, another friend of Doug's, is often viewed as the nerd of the group. Not only is he very paranoid, he also takes an interest in science fiction and comic book conventions, interests that his friends don't share. He is of Albanian heritage and used to work as a subway token collector. In one episode he is a "house boy" for Deacon and Kelly. This character is based heavily off the actor who plays him, Patton Oswalt.

Danny Heffernan (played by Gary Valentine): Danny Heffernan, Doug's cousin, is also seen hanging out with Doug, Spence, and Deacon. At the beginning of the show, Doug didn't like his cousin very much and they were distant. As the show progressed, they become buddies and regularly hang out along with Deacon and Spence. Danny even becomes Spence's roommate in a small apartment. The two often looked as if they were involved in a romantic relationship together and fought like a married couple. Danny also used to own a Pizza Place and is divorced. He once had the nickname "Stumpy" which was given to him by Doug. Gary Valentine and Kevin James are brothers in real life. They both created last names for acting. Valentine is his father's middle name.

Holly Shumpert (2001–2005, 2007) (played by Nicole Sullivan): Holly is a cheerful yet insecure dog walker hired by Doug and Carrie to walk Arthur. She is often seen arriving at the Heffernan house to pick up Arthur but is also a family friend of the Heffernans. She is often viewed as a bit strange because of her habits and the men she dates (not to mention her habit of over-drinking, which she openly confesses to). In one episode Holly asks Carrie, "What am I doing wrong? I give them money, I let them stay at my house." Overall, however, Holly is a gentle soul, especially when she puts up with Arthur's antics.

Recurring Characters

Kelly Palmer, Deacon's wife (played by Merrin Dungey): As Carrie's best friend, Kelly is Deacon's typically agreeable, soft-spoken wife and the two of them have two children together. Kelly and Deacon have experienced some serious relationship problems, much more serious than the petty arguments between Doug and Carrie. On one occasion Deacon mentions being hit in the head with a frying pan. Kelly's split with Deacon coincided with Merrin Dungey's appearance in the regular cast of the Jennifer Garner series Alias.

Richie Ianucchi (1998-2001) (played by Larry Romano): Richie was also one of Doug's closest friends, but was quietly written out of the show in the third season as per Romano's request to work on another sitcom. He only appeared on one episode "Paint Misbehavin'" during the third season. Richie was known as the ladies man among Doug's friends, even admitting to sleeping with Doug's sister. Richie is a FDNY firefighter.

Sara Spooner (1998) (played by Lisa Rieffel): Sara was Carrie's irresponsible, wannabe actress younger sister. The character of Sara Spooner had appeared in only 4 episodes (episodes 1,2,3,&6) and disappeared after that without any explanation or mention of her ever again. After the show started gaining popularity, Kevin James had been interviewed and was asked about what happened to Sara. James explained that the producers couldn't think of any storylines to develop Rieffel's character so she was discontinued. In the episodes where she did appear, her character did not appear much except for the pilot where she was on camera roughly half the episode. Future dialogue suggests that Sara Spooner never existed, and that Carrie is an only child.

Minor Characters

Stephanie Heffernan, Doug's sister (Ricki Lake)

Veronica Olchin, Spence's mother (Anne Meara)

Doug Pruzan, Carrie's former boss (Alex Skuby)

Joe Heffernan, Doug's father (Dakin Matthews)

Janet Heffernan, Doug's mother (Jenny O'Hara)

Supervisor Patrick O'Boyle, Doug's boss (Sam McMurray)

Lou Ferrigno, the Heffernan's next-door neighbor (2000–2007): Himself

Carla Ferrigno, Lou Ferrigno's wife (2000-2007): Herself

Denise Battaglia, Spence's girlfriend (Rachel Dratch)

Mr. Kaplan (Carrie's former boss) and Mr. Kaufman (Carrie's most recent boss) (Victor Raider-Wexler)

Kirby Palmer (Omari Lyles/Marshaun Daniel/Philip Bolden)

Major Palmer (Desmond Roberts)

Young Doug (Tyler Hendrickson)

Father McAndrew, priest at the Heffernan's Church (Joe Flaherty)

Tim Sacksky, the Heffernan's neighbor (Bryan Cranston): returned unexplained for one episode (3x22) after moving out in episode 2x22 due to ripping off Doug in a water filter pyramid scheme. After that, the Sacksky's were never heard of again.

Dorothy Sacksky, Heffernan neighbor (Dee Dee Rescher)

Mike Ross (Michael Lowry)

Debi Ross (Marcia Cross)

Mickey (Ford Rainey), a friend of Arthur's

Kim (Melissa Chan)

Amy (Christine Gonzales)

George Barksdale (Gerry Black)

Stu, Doug's uncle and Danny's father (Gavin MacLeod)

Jimmy, Doug's co-worker at IPS (Jimmy Shubert)

Duke, another of Doug's co-workers (Steve Tancora)

Georgia Boone, Carrie's boss (Lisa Banes)

Marc "Shmenkman" Shropshire (Sean O'Bryan)

Abby "Shmenkman" Shropshire (Elisa Taylor)

Rico (Angelo Pagan, Leah Remini's husband) works at IPS with Doug. Greets with "Hey, Jack!"

Kyle, Bianca, and Dave

Winthrop (Graham Phillips)

Tim Hofferman ( Jason Peirce), Doug gets the Hoffermans' pictures, and when he sees the Hoffermans in person, admits "They're fabulous!"

Noelle Hofferman (Louisette Geiss), Tim Hofferman's wife

Guest Appearances

Donny Osmond episode 110 "Supermarket Story" episode 217 "Meet By-Product"

William Hurt, episode 425: "Shrink Wrap"

Ben Stiller, episode 425: "Shrink Wrap"

Julie Benz, episode 120: "Train Wreck"

Pat Sajak, episode 317: "Inner Tube"

Vanna White, episode 317: "Inner Tube"

Ben Stiller, episode 425 "Shrink Wrap"

Gavin MacLeod, episode 323: "S'no Job" and episode 418: "Hero Worship"

Chris Elliott, episode 408: "Lyin' Hearted and episode 817: "Buggie Nights"

Janeane Garofalo, episode 615: "Cheap Saks"

Judge Reinhold, episode 607: "Secret Garden"

Jon Favreau, episode 618: "Trash Talker"

Todd Zeile episode: 722 "Buy Curious" and episode 904: "Major Disturbance"

Burt Reynolds, episode 714: "Hi, School"

Adam Sandler, episode 909: "Mild Bunch"

Ray Romano, as Ray Barone in episodes 109: "Road Rayge", 119: "Rayny Day" 208: "Dire Strays" and 810: "Raygin Bulls"

Brad Garret, as Robert Barone in episode 109: "Road Rayge"

Peter Boyle, as Frank Barone also in episode 109: "Road Rayge"

Doris Roberts, as Marie Barone in episode 119: "Rayny Day"

Patricia Heaton, as Debra Barone in episode 208: "Dire Starys"

Robert Goulet, episode 818: "Sold-Y Locks"

Huey Lewis, episode 821: "Hartford Wailer"

Kirstie Alley, episode 814 "Apartment Complex"

Steve Schirripa, episode 116: "S'Ain't Valentine's"

Eddie Money, episode 423: "Eddie Money"

Tucker Carlson, episode 910: "Manhattan Project"

Lainie Kazan, episodes 910: "Manhattan Project" and 912: China Syndrome

Series Finale Conclusion

The King of Queens ended its 9 season run on May 14, 2007 with the one-hour series finale "China Syndrome". The airing was #12 in the Nielsen ratings with 13.61 million viewers. The season average is #33 with 11.4 million viewers, which is higher than the past two seasons. At the end of the show (a flash forward) Doug and Carrie are seen with 2 children (one adopted in China and one of their own) living in the same house with Arthur, who has returned after his failed marriage.

Show Background

Based on the lives of blue-collar couple Doug & Carrie Heffernan, The King of Queens debuted on CBS on September 21, 1998. For most of its run it was a Monday night staple, competing with shows such as the long-running drama 7th Heaven. In 2003, when scheduled against The West Wing and Nanny 911, it dropped slightly in the ratings. The final episode aired on May 14, 2007, which made The King of Queens one of the longest-running sitcoms of the 1990s-2000s. The show is currently in syndication worldwide and airs on TBS in the United States. The character of Arthur was conceived with Jerry Stiller in mind, but he initially turned down the role. Veteran comedian Jack Carter was then cast and a pilot was shot. Soon afterwards, Stiller changed his mind and took the part.

Nielsen Ratings

1998-1999 Season: #35 1999-2000 Season: #34 2000-2001 Season: #25 2001-2002 Season: #19 2002-2003 Season: #27 2003-2004 Season: #33 2004-2005 Season: #48 2005-2006 Season: #49 2006-2007 Season: #33


Australia: King of Queens (Fox Classics, Fox 8, Nine Network) Austria: King of Queens (ATV) Brazil: King of Queen (SET) Canada: The King of Queens (OMNI Television) Croatia: Kralj Queensa (Nova TV) Denmark: Kongen af Queens (TV 2, TV 2 Zulu) Finland: Kellarin kunkku (Nelonen) France: Un Gars du Queens (Comédie!) Germany: King of Queens (RTL II, Kabel 1) Hungary: Férjek gyöngye India: The King of Queens (Star World) Ireland: The King of Queens (RTÉ Two) Iceland: The King of Queens Israel: מלך השכונה (Channel 3) Netherlands: The King of Queens (RTL 5) Norway: Kongen av Queens (TV3, TV 2) Poland: Diabli Nadali (Comedy Central) Sweden: Kung av Queens (TV4) Switzerland: King of Queens (SF zwei) Turkey: The King of Queens (CNBC-e) United Kingdom: The King of Queens (Paramount Comedy 1) United States: The King of Queens (CBS, TBS, Fox,Channel 38)







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