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As the name indicates, Indian-styled Hakka cuisine is a blend of Hakka Chinese food
"Great experience for the taste buds"
with the Indian cuisine. The recipe from Mei Zhou in China was brought to India by the  
- Toronto Star
Hakka Chinese settlement in Calcutta (now Kolkata) in east India over 100 years ago.    
Kim Kim restaurant have been proudly serving Toronto Scarborough since 2000.
"Hands down best Scarborough"
With an experience of over 30 years, the recipes at Kim Kim restaurant are added with  
ingredients from the subcontinent to give a fresh new thrilling treat for the taste buds.    
The success and growing popularity of the ethnic Hakka food in Toronto have made
"Great fast service, tasty food"
Kim Kim restaurant a popular destination among the food lover.
Some of the popular dishes that must be try in Kim Kim restaurant are Chilli chicken,    
Hot and Sour soup, Mirchi corn, Masala fried rice, Chicken pakoras, Lollipop chicken,
Manchurian noodle (Chowmein) and Calcutta chicken. Try our new dish - Thread    
Last updated: January 2013
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