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Comedy at the Library


Lady who walks and reads


lady walks while she reads and bumps into everything as she walks


she is not walking to a location; she is trying to walk and read the whole time


Kid who yells "wwwwwaaaaaaaa" or is it "daaaaaaa" every so often during his whole visit


kid who seems to be bored with his homework keeps yelping every so often hoping to bug as many people as possible


noone is complaining so he continues


Black kid who is trying to impress his girlfriend by yelling out "baby not here" and bragging about harrassing as many bus drivers as possible

bulletblack kid sitting in cubicle with girlfriend
bullethe is on chair and she is sitting in his lap
bullethe can't believe he's with a girl so he wants to advertise it
bullethe keeps yelling things like "not now" or "hey!!" and other stupid things
bulletthe girl is probably regretting the situation more and more
bulletmaybe she has no self confidence
bulletshe was nice looking
bulletmaybe she was getting the same thrill




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