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Charles in Charge

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Charles in Charge


Charles In Charge

Format: Sitcom

Created by: Michael Jacobs and Barbara Weisberg

Starring: Scott Baio Willie Aames

Julie Cobb (1984-1985)

James Widdoes (1984-1985)

April Lerman (1984-1985)

Jonathan Ward (1984-1985)

Michael Pearlman (1984-1987)

Jennifer Runyon (1984-1987)

Lisa Donovan (1986-1987)

Sandra Kerns (1987-1990)

Nicole Eggert (1987-1990)

Josie Davis (1987-1990)

Alexander Polinsky (1987-1990)

Ellen Travolta (1987-1990)

James T. Callahan (1987-1990)

Country of origin: United States

No. of seasons: 5

No. of episodes: 126


Executive producer(s): Al Burton and Jane Startz (1984-1988)

Running time: 24:30 (CBS); 22:30 (first-run syndication)


Original channel: CBS (1984-1985) first-run syndication (1987-1990) Original run: October 3, 1984 - April 3, 1985 (CBS) January 3, 1987 - December 14, 1990 (first-run syndication)

Charles In Charge

Charles in Charge is an American sitcom series broadcast on CBS which starred Scott Baio as Charles, a 19-year-old college student working as a live-in babysitter in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

It was first broadcast from October 3, 1984, until April 3, 1985, and then syndicated from January 3, 1987, until December 8, 1990. 126 original episodes were aired in total. It was produced by Al Burton Productions and Scholastic Productions in association with Universal Television.

Charles first worked for the Pembroke family: wife Jill, husband Stan, and their three children Lila; Douglas; and Jason. When the show ended its run on CBS, and entered syndication in 1987, the story was explained so that the Pembrokes sold their house and moved to Seattle, and the Powells moved into their house, allowing Charles to live downstairs yet again. This time, the family consisted of grandfather Walter, mother Ellen (whose husband was in the military and could only visit his family sporadically), and her three kids Jamie, Sarah, and Adam.


Charles In Charge


Main cast

Actor/Role Scott Baio/Charles

Willie Aames/Buddy Lembeck 1984-1985

Jennifer Runyon/Gwendolyn Pierce James Widdoes/Stan Pembroke Julie Cobb/Jill Pembroke April Lerman/Lila Pembroke Jonathan Ward/Douglas Pembroke

Michael Pearlman/Jason Pembroke 1987-1990

James T. Callahan/Mr. Walter Powell

Sandra Kerns/Mrs. Ellen Powell

Nicole Eggert/Jamie Powell

Josie Davis/Sarah Powell

Alexander Polinsky/Adam Powell Ellen Travolta/Lillian Justin Whalin/Anthony Swenson (1988)

Charles In Charge


The theme song was composed by David Kurtz, Michael Jacobs, and Al Burton.

Shandi Sinnamon sang the theme song for the series. The theme song was one of the songs Brian Griffin and Stewie Griffin sang in their TV medley on the Family Guy Live in Vegas album. In the episode "The Thin White Line", it was also sung by Peter Griffin during a cutaway scene, in which he was a security guard at the estate of George Harrison. Peter sang it, staring at the television, while George Harrison's attacker climbed the fence and entered the house.

The theme song was recorded by Australian band Smudge on their debut album, Manilow.

The theme song was one of the songs on the Christian rock band Relient K's debut, self-titled album, which also included a new verse about Buddy, the girl from Baywatch (referring to Jamie), and hanging out with Charles at his mom's pizza parlor with Jesus.

The theme song was performed by The Blanks on the episode "My Nightingale" (2.02) of the sitcom Scrubs and appears on their debut album, Riding the Wave.

Conan O'Brien often breaks into the chorus when discussing TV themes, his own singing voice, or Scott Baio. O'Brien sings the theme song in an operatic tone.

Electric Hellfire Club did a gothic cover of the theme song on the compilation cd "TV Terror: Felching a Dead Horse"

Charles In Charge

Trivia continued

Charles' mother was played by Ellen Travolta, John Travolta's sister. She had previously played the mother of Chachi Arcola, Scott Baio's character on Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi.

Chachi's real name, incidentally, was also Charles.

Charles' last name was never revealed in the series; in fact, the writers sometimes went out of their way to avoid revealing it.

Nicole Eggert went on to star in Baywatch as Summer Quinn. Another actress who appeared on this show, and later went on to star in Baywatch was Erika Eleniak. Baio reportedly dated both actresses during the late-1980s and 1990s; however, both he and Eggert, though admitting they were attracted to each other, have denied that they ever dated.[1] Both Charles in Charge and Baywatch were TV shows that began on network TV, before moving to first-run syndication.

Scott Baio directed many episodes of the show, and is credited with his full name 'Scott Vincent Baio'.

The house depicted in the title screen is actually located on George Street in New Brunswick, NJ, in the Rutgers University district.

Meg Ryan guest starred as "Meagan Parker" in two episodes of the show's first season: "War" on October 24, 1984[2] and "Charles 'R' Us" on February 13, 1985.

Click here to see a great Charles In Charge video clip.

DVD Releases

Universal Studios Home Entertainment released a 3-disc set of the first season of Charles in Charge on DVD in Northern America for the very first time in February 2006. Due to poor sales, Universal licensed the rights to release the remaining four seasons to Arts Alliance America during the summer of 2007. To date, they have released the second and third season.



DVD Name Ep # Release Date

The Complete First Season 22 February 14, 2006

The Complete Second Season 26 November 20, 2007

The Complete Third Season 26 May 20, 2008

The Complete Fourth Season 26 TBA

The Complete Fifth Season 26 TBA



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