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Canada's Worst Handyman

(November 1, 2012 Thursday)

Canada's Worst Handyman is a show that is full of television comedy.

We've had to go through some repairs in our own home and after watching
Canada's Worst Handyman I made sure we hired people who know what they are doing.  I did find that there are a lot of idiots in the industry. 

These idiots claim to know their work and they will lecture you on the work.  These idiots will even tell you how many years they have been doing this kind of work.  They claim that they perfected their work after all these years of figuring things out.

That means they were experimenting with people's homes.  Let a person play around with your heart if you have an attack.  You might live, if your lucky.  After years of people dying or suffering we will have a "doctor". 

Watch the show, if you can find it.  I think there are some episodes here and there on the net.  I'm pretty sure that they have dvds of the show.  It's all entertaining and you WILL learn something.

Don't do your own repairs if you can afford to hire someone.  It is worth saving up to get it done right.

I need to get some more duct tape.  My wall is falling apart.  My dining table has a broken leg.  A little duct tape and nobody will know.


Click here for a video from the show

Canada's Worst Handyman

Category: Reality Television

Developed By: Proper Television

Star: Andrew Younghusband

Narrated By: Andrew Younghusband

Country of Origin: Canada

Number of Episodes: 7

Executive Producer: Guy O'Sullivan

Producer: Amy Hosking

Original Channel: Discovery Channel Canada

Original Channel: Discovery Channel Canada

Original Run: March 13, 2006 to Present

Followed By: Canada's Worst Handyman 2

Related Shows: Canada's Worst Driver and Britain's Worst DIYer

Canada's Worst Handyman is a 2006 reality television series airing on Discovery Channel Canada, produced by Proper Television. The show and its format is based on Britain's Worst DIYer, and is considered to be a sister show of Canada's Worst Driver (itself an adaptation of Britain's Worst Driver). Two seasons have been completed, and nominations are being taken for a third season.

The show is hosted by Canada's Worst Driver host Andrew Younghusband, and shares much of its production crew as Canada's Worst Driver.

Format Like Driver, Handyman has five contestants vying to not become Canada's worst handyman. Unlike Driver, however, none of the contestants are eliminated - instead, at the end of each episode, one will be named the most improved, while another will be named the worst. Also, the time frame for Handyman is much shorter, lasting only two weeks, instead of the eight weeks for Driver; and each episode chronicled one or two days, instead of a week for Driver. On the sixth episode, the five contestants will work together to refurbish an apartment in ten hours, with the one with the worst individual performance being named Canada's worst handyman.

Like Driver, each contestant is accompanied by their nominators, who are allowed to assist the contestants in their various tasks. Each week (except the finale) also features a "yardwork challenge", which is done by the five contestants as a group. Except for the first yardwork challenge, each of the yardwork challenges has a contestant named as the project's foreman, and the foreman designation is given to the most improved contestant for the previous week; this particular twist was added when the judges saw how badly they performed at the first yard challenge without a designated leader. The contestant named the worst in each show is obligated to "hang their head in shame" and nail a picture of themselves along a "wall of shame", and be personally tutored by Younghusband on an aspect leading to their nomination.

The show takes place at the Handyman Rehabilitation Centre, a building of the Regent Park public housing complex in Toronto, Ontario. Located at the corner of Dundas and Parliament, it was demolished following the filming of the show.

Contestants The five contestants for the first season are as follows:

Darryl Andrews, a professional bodyguard from Warkworth, Ontario, who is shown to be suffering from a confidence problem after being told by relatives that he was not handy. He is nominated by wife Sara Graziano. A recurring theme in the series is the apparent marriage breakdown that ensues whenever Darryl is working, with Sara being incredibly vocal, although this has been shown by the couple to have been exaggerated by the production crew for television purposes. Merle Auger, a truck driver from Sucker Creek, Alberta, who believes that duct tape is the answer to all renovation problems. He also rarely measures or uses a level, and leaves much work around the house unfinished for years, having very little motivation to complete them. He is nominated by longtime common-law partner Shelly Willier.

Keith Cole, a performance artist from Toronto, Ontario, who lacks the motivation to do renovation work and is afraid of power tools. He has a tendency to delegate work to others while doing as little work as he can. He is nominated by friend David Hawe, a photographer for NOW Magazine.

Barry Davis, a substitute teacher from Quadra Island, British Columbia, who performs work without regards to safety, including having used a chainsaw indoors and having electrocuted himself while trying to fix a clothes dryer while standing in a puddle of water. He is nominated by Scot Hutton, a neighbor who considers Barry a danger to himself and others when renovating.

Jeannie MacCulloch, a retiree from Victoria, British Columbia, who purchased a house with the aim at restoring it, but as longtime friend and nominator Laurence Headley notes, Jeannie is unable to read and understand instructions.

Click here to see one of the contestants from Canada's Worst Handyman

Canada's Worst Handyman


The experts for the first season are as follows:

Dr. Julie Hill, a psychologist who has taught psychology in two Ontario universities. Greg House, a general contractor with international experience, having managed both residential and commercial projects over a long career

Robin Lockhart, an interior designer specializing in high-end residential and commercial design. She is a graduate of the International Academy of Design





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