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Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, The Cosby Show, and many more shows allowed African-Americans to share what used to be a mainly "white" entertainment medium.  Shows that had African-Americans on them usually had them playing supporting or "extra" parts.

George Lopez is doing a similar thing buy giving Mexicans a more than supporting or "extra" part in sitcoms.  George Lopez performed stand up comedy before he got his chance to run his sitcom (with the help of his good friend Sandra Bullock).  He also has his own late night talk show.  

I would look at the characters played by Marla Gibbs (Mary Jenkins) and Jackee Harry as kind of a Betty and Veronica characters, except they are not fighting over a guy.  Mary is like Betty and gets things done by the rules and only gets in trouble because Jackee gets her into it.  Mary is homely (generally) while Jackee is a major flirt.

I will admit that I didn't watch this show much either because I was relatively young compared to who I imagine watched the show during its original airing or I might have been told not to watch it because the Jackee character was seen as very immoral by one of the people who raised me.   Some people still think I must have been raised by wolves by the way I act.  Awoooooooooooo!!!!!! Kibbles and Bits, Kibbles and Bits...... sorry.

227 was a great show that, like many good shows, ended with a moral lesson.  


Following are more details so you can get more familiar with the show


227 was a popular American situation comedy that aired on NBC from September 14, 1985 until May 6, 1990. The series starred Emmy Award-nominated television actress Marla Gibbs, who shot to fame in 1977 on The Jeffersons as sassy maid Florence Johnston. 227 was produced by Embassy Television from 1985 until 1988, then ELP Communications produced the series in its final two seasons (1988-1990).


The show is based on a play written by Christine Houston about the lives of women in a predominantly black apartment building in 1950s Chicago.


Emmy Award-nominee Marla Gibbs portrayed the lead role, Mary Jenkins, a housewife who lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Lester Jenkins, a construction worker, played by Hal Williams, and their studious 14-year-old daughter, Brenda, played by Regina King in her first significant acting role.

Jackée Harry, another Emmy-winning actress played a flirty resident 227.  Every building has a Mrs. Cravitz and this building had Pearl Shay.  She was always snooping and getting into everyone's business.  Funny stuff happens.  You can watch clips on YouTube until they are removed.  If you really are a good human being you'll buy the dvds or digital downloads.

Do you remember Olivia from Sesame Street?  Well on 227 she was everybody's friend Rose.  She also became the landlord.  You have to watch the show in whatever way you can to find out the weird way she became the landlord.  

Jackée's spin off Sandra didn't make it past the pilot.

227 ended in the spring of 1990.

227 Theme Song

The theme song for 227 was written by television songwriter Ray Colcord and sung by series star Marla Gibbs entitled "There's No Place Like Home".





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